At Amsterdam Web Consulting we strongly believe that the future of marketing lies in the ability to communicate as relevant as possible to your (potential-) customers. More precisely, we think that in order to be able to segment your (potential-)customers into different target audiences, is maybe one of the most critical activities in nowadays marketing. At the same time, we see a lot of organizations struggling with having an integrating marketing strategy in place in which you differentiate your communication towards your different target audiences. We have therefore developed our proprietary marketing model called the MAGIC © model to help organizations in developing such an integrated marketing strategy, where you differentiatie your communication for every target audience.





Message: In the first step of the MAGIC-model, we define what you want to tell to a particular (target) audience. Typically, you use a customer journey model (such as See, Think, Do, Care from Google) to define which message you want to send across per customer journey fase. Also you can different the message within a certain customer journey fase, based on customer characteristics, such as previous purchase behavior, intent and social-demographic characteristics.


Audience: Once you have defined the different message to you want to send across, you can define the target audiences corresponding to those messages. Typically, you want that every (potential-) customer can be in only target audience in a certain moment in time and is driven further in the customer journey due to the correct communication.